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Frequently Asked Questions


How may I pay my rent?

Inspire Real Estate Solutions provides what we believe is the easiest, most convenient and cost effective rental payment options available. You have the option to pay your rent by cash, cheque (not personal), over the phone or on the internet.

How often will Routine Inspections be carried out?

Your first routine inspection is usually carried out within three (3) months of moving in and will repeat quarterly. The inspection will usually take approximately thirty (30) minutes to complete and all reports are completed by iPad with supporting photographs taken. If you are not home for the inspection our office will complete the inspection using our spare (office) keys and it is advised that the landlord may also attend inspections. From time to time your property manager will conduct drive-by inspections of your property. Routine Inspections will only be carried out Monday – Thursday between 9:30AM and 3:30PM and we regret that it is not possible to rearrange an inspection date as our inspections are booked into relevant areas.

As a tenant under the Residential Tenancy Act you are responsible to ensure the property is kept clean & tidy at all times. You are also responsible for reporting maintenance as soon as it comes to your attention to ensure we can resolve the problem as soon as possible. All maintenance must be reported in writing to Inspire Real Estate Solutions using the maintenance request forms provided on this site by clicking here or you may complete one of the forms provided to you at your tenancy sign up. These can be faxed, emailed, posted or hand delivered to the office. Keeping your home clean and tidy also means that you are responsible for the mowing & edging of lawns and garden maintenance on a regular basis and not just prior to your Routine Inspection.

Am I allowed to have a pet?

It’s pertinent to consider the suitability of each individual pet on a case by case basis as some pets are better suited with certain types of residences. In the majority of cases, pets are considered upon application. In the end, the landlord will have the final say as to whether or not your application for your pet/s is approved.

I’m thinking of vacating early, what expenses am I up for if I ‘Break my Lease’?

By signing the RTA Form 18a – General Tenancy Agreement (Legally binding contract), the tenant agrees to reside in that residence and pay rent until the completion date stated in their agreement. If you decide to vacate the residence at a date and time before the General Tenancy Agreement completion date than you will still be responsible for rent until a new occupant can be found and you will also be responsible for paying a re-letting fee (the equivalent to one (1) weeks rent plus GST) and any other related expenses.

I would like to have another person move in with me to help with rent and expenses?

Any additional person residing at the residence must be notified of and approved by the owner/landlord. You must seek permission to add a new occupant to the residence as the person of interest must be approved as a nominated signatory/tenant on the RTA Form 18a – General Tenancy Agreement or as an approved occupant of the RTA Form 18a – General Tenancy Agreement. If the property is unsuitable for another person your request may be declined. If the owner/landlord is unhappy with the ‘person of interest’ application to reside at the residence than it is their legal right to decline.

I’ve just completed an application, how long will it take to process?

Inspire Real Estate Solutions endeavours to have all applications processed and presented to the owner/landlord within forty-eight (48) hours of receipt.