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Rental property found, Inspection required. Finding a rental home that suits your needs is often the hardest and most challenging step in the application process. Upon finding a rental home that could suit your needs and requirements you will need to book an inspection through Inspire Real Estate Solutions. You can send through an enquiry from, or you can use the online twenty-four (24) hour tenant inspection reservation system. It is essential that all prospective occupants complete this registration process. Any group inspection times advertised online are subject to change and only become active inspections after registration.

Direct contact with the Licensed Manager can also be employed to register your intention to view a rental home available. Contact can be made by telephone, email or facsimile number listed on the advertisement.


All applicants MUST inspect the Inspire Real Estate Solutions rental property available ‘for lease’ prior to submitting an application for tenancy. If you cannot attend the inspection yourself then Inspire Real Estate Solutions will give you the option of sending someone on your behalf. Applications will not be processed if a prospective tenant is awaiting an inspection or does not meet the above criteria.


Submitting an application

You have viewed an Inspire Real Estate Solutions rental property and would now like to submit an application for tenancy of the home. Please find our rental application forms above. All applications can be submitted online or in person at the office, at the inspection, by facsimile, email, or finally by Australia Post.


Required for submission of tenancy application

Please note it is a requirement for each individual over the age of eighteen (18) years to submit the following:

  • 100 points of identification 

    • 40 points each - Driver’s license, birth certificate, passport & 18+ card

    • 20 points each - Electricity, telephone, bank/credit card, Medicare card or statement.

  • Personal details

  • Details of your current and past addresses

  • Rental history including rental references

  • Personal & professional references

  • Details for your next of kin

  • Employment contract

  • Employment details & history or proof of income

  • Last two (2) payslips

  • Letter from a government agency showing parental payments or other form of disability payment

  • Bank statements showing savings or large sums of deposited money


*NB Failing to complete the entire application for tenancy and all the required attachments will result in delays and could jeopardise the possibility of your application being processed.

Processing Applications

Check twice over that the application is completed correctly including all attachments. One of our licensed agents will check your identification to ensure all details are true and correct. An affordability test will then be undertaken for all parties applying for the property ‘for lease’ to make sure that it is within the applicants means. Next Inspire Real Estate Solutions will contact the employers of all persons applying for the rental property to confirm that their employment and income details are accurate and up to date. All prospective occupants will be checked against TICA, a national tenancy database so that Inspire Real Estate Solutions is aware of any previous disagreements in payments for rent or damage to a property. All applications that meet the criteria will be passed onto the property owner/s and it is the property owner that will make the final decision on who will be the successful applicant. The successful applicant will be notified immediately to congratulate them and to arrange a meeting for sign up. All unsuccessful applicants will be informed as soon as an occupant is secured. 


*NB Inspire Real Estate Solutions endeavours to process all applications within forty-eight (48) hours. If you are the approved application we require you to pay a minimum of one (1) weeks rent to secure the property. This amount is non-refundable.

Lease Signing

The owner of the rental property has accepted your application for tenancy, a phone call will be made to you to advise you of your acceptance and to arrange a suitable time for all parties to come and sign the tenancy agreement. To secure the rental home, a holding deposit must be paid within twenty-four (24) hours of acceptance so that the property can be removed from advertisement. At the sign up, the lease including our expectations and obligations will be carefully explained in detail so it is strongly recommended that you allocate between forty-five (45) mins and one (1) hour for your tenancy induction. Zero tolerance policy for late rental payments, bond lodgement and emergency repairs process, and help to arrange rental payment methods will also be explained at this time. Once the lease is signed you are required to pay another two (2) weeks rent in advance of the week’s holding deposit and pay the agreed bond amount of four (4) weeks rent. All bank cheques and money orders to be made out to Inspire Real Estate Solutions Trust Account.


RTA Starting a Tenancy

Starting a tenancy can be overwhelming. Find out what you need to know about moving in, entry condition reports, rental bonds, and health and safety requirements. Know your rights and responsibilities when renting in Queensland.

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